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Monday, November 06, 2006

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Monday, October 16, 2006

To Praise, Or Not To Praise

To Praise, Or Not To Praise

I've been on and off Weight Watchers ever since I was 15. It's usually about 1 month on, 3 months off, 1 month on, 3 months off. I can see how I've gained weight all these years. I'll gain 10 and lose it, gain 15 and then lose 10, etc. It's a cycle that I'm used to having done it so many times. And I like Weight Watchers, as I've mentioned here before. I think it's the only way I'll ever lose my weight...if I ever fully commit to it...which this week I am. My meeting leader was named Elaine and I really liked her. A no nonsense Jewish mother whose daughter actually attends her meetings. It's a dynamic I like and I thought she was great.

She actually started her meeting by saying that someone recently told her that she didn't praise weight loss enough. That other meeting leaders would spend the first 10 minutes giving stickers to those who had lost weight that week and could brag about it. I had a leader once that referred to it as bragging stickers. Because we're all still in kindergarten and need stickers to make us feel better.

Even when I lose weight I never raise my hand when asked "who lost weight?". It's embarrassing and I'm not the type of person who needs that sort of validation or a pat on the back. When Elaine told how she didn't believe on spending 10 minutes of a 30 minute meeting on praising those who lost weight, I felt like applauding. Another girl in the meeting spoke up and told Elaine that she liked that she (Elaine) didn't spend much of the meeting praising those who lost weight because it made her feel, if she didn't lose weight that week, that she was a failure. That she was there to learn and evolve and the scale should reflect if she should feel good about herself that week or not. Bravo to that girl.

So, there I sat, thanking Elaine for having the chutzpah to say that your weight loss for that week is just a number and not a reflection of your self worth. I thank you Elaine...thank you for making me want to come back, even if I gain 4 lbs that week because cheeseburgers are just that good.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

fat SEX problems

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FAT SEX. Two words which some people think should never be combined. But sometimes they are...birds do it, bees do it and even us fatties get down and dirty sometimes.

Ever since that eventful night years ago when I lost my virginity to the Rabbi's son (seriously), I've been a little bit obsessed with fat sex. He was fat, I was fat. Our bodies slapped together in the most horrifying fashion. After dishing the dirt to Lindsey about it we decided to do a little investigation on the topic of Fat Sex. We even found out about something called family assisted sex, for those who are very, morbidly, morbidly obese. Amazing. People actually have to have friends and family come over in order to hold rolls, legs, etc., away so that the man can penetrate the woman. I don't know what happens when a man gets too fat? How does one hold a man's pannus up so that he can be with his girl? But, I digress.

Sex was something that was difficult for me at first because of my body. I was in constant fear he would see my body and be completely grossed out. I would never get on top. I would take my clothes off under the covers. It took me a while to realize a very important thing about fat sex: If a guy is dating you, or has at least taken you out for dinner, he's expecting, well, at least wanting sex. No guy in the history of guys has ever told a woman to get off of him because her thighs are too big. He might not talk to her afterwards, but he is not going to pass up the opportunity for sex because of it.

I remember being so deathly afraid of being on top of a man because he would see my body or that I would crush him, that it took me a long time to muster up the courage to do so. Obviously, laying down makes your fat belly flatter, your tits stand at attention, etc. But, being on top sure makes the guy happier and your boobs actually look nice that way too.

The sounds that are made during sex are not one's that are the most...flattering. The slapping, bumping and groaning all sound sexy in the moment, except when you realize that it's your bellies making those noises...especially when you're starving afterwards and your stomach growls.

The last boyfriend I had lived with his brother. I'd usually go over to his house when my class got out and we would hang and then naturally, get busy. While we were going at it one night, his brother walked in on us and saw me in all my glory. Flab Galore. Body flapping in the wind. Normally, I would have died of embarrassment. It's one thing to let someone you want to see you naked see you, but when a person who you don't want to see you naked's humiliating. But, for reason I didn't care. Maybe because it was at the end of the relationship? I don't know...but that poor boy must have gotten an eyeful...and a very important lesson on how if there is a foreign car in the driveway...KNOCK ON YOUR BROTHER'S DOOR BEFORE BARGING IN!

I think the greatest paradox in my life is how much confidence I have out of my clothes. I know that I do a good job (is that nasty to tell all of you?), and I think that since I know I'll be doing a good job, it doesn't matter what I look like naked. He may even think my rolls and bellies are attractive...but if he dare tries to touch my belly...he's in serious trouble...

Thursday, October 05, 2006


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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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"What do you think about Tech School," asked Miss Ames, "it's got a great computer department, one of the best in the area." Britt Cain looked intently at the brochure her guidance counselor had placed in front of her, and replied, "I hadn't even considered that but from the looks of it maybe I should!" It was a lot of work trying to pick the right college, and as counselor for two hundred seniors, Anna Ames had all she could handle scheduling appointments with each and every student. Britt was the exception to the rule, in that she had already done some research on several colleges that might be of interest to her, so it made her job much easier. After about twenty minutes or so, Britt began to fidget, and was constantly tugging at the upper shoulder strap of her bra. "Is something wrong, dear," asked Miss Ames, "you seem to be in great discomfort!?!" "Oh, it's nothing, really," replied Britt, "it's just that these stupid straps practically cut me in half, my shoulders are killing me!!!" Since they were tucked away in Miss Ames' private office, and the next appointment wasn't scheduled for another half hour, she knew that no one would be bothering them for quite some time, so for that reason, Miss Ames offered, "Let's get you out of this blouse and loosen up those straps, or at least move them to a different spot!" Not quite sure how to handle the situation, Britt haltingly began unbuttoning her blouse, extremely embarrassed that she had let herself get so overweight and that Miss Ames would be literally disgusted with her appearance!!! While most of the time she wore utilitarian under garments, today she had on a very low cut lacy white bra that barely covered her nipples, and when she shrugged off her blouse, Miss Ames got a good look at the large expanse of soft tit flesh and large plump tummy said in a soft voice, "My, my, you have a beautiful chest, dear, what size is it?!" "Forty double D ma'am," the eighteen year old replied quickly, feeling proud that her teacher was so impressed by her heavy chest! "Okay, let's take off the bra so I can massage your shoulders," intoned Miss Ames in a slightly husky voice, here, let me help you with the hooks," and with shaking fingers unlatched all four clasps, freeing the large chest from its nylon prison. Miss Ames began rubbing Britt's shoulders, working her fingers into the spots where the bra straps had been cutting into her skin, and as she relaxed, the young teacher massaged her sore shoulders, causing Britt to close her eyes while enjoying the feel of her teacher’s warm hands on her body!!!

Miss Ames leaned forward and whispered softly into Britt's ear, "How does that feel, is it relaxing?" "Mmmmm, yes," sighed Britt, her chest heaving with each breath, "it feels a whole lot better!" Her cunt, now becoming a raging inferno, Miss Ames decided to take a chance, she knew it this went badly she would be in a lot of trouble, but she was so turned on she just had to try it! Britt," she asked, "you have such a pretty chest and nipples, I was just wondering if you like having them sucked on!?!" Now holding her breath, Miss Ames waited for the young lady to reply, still worried that she might jump up and go straight to the principal's office and file a complaint against her! But her fears were misplaced, because in a low moaning voice replied, "God yes, I love having my nipples sucked, don't you!?!" "Oh yes," Miss Ames answered quickly, "I don't think that there's a girl alive who doesn't like getting her boobs sucked on, just look at you nipples, Britt, they're all hard and stiff, do you want me to do them for you!?!" "Please," whispered Britt, " hurry, I’m on fire!!!" Anna Ames leaned down, taking a hard nipple into her mouth and sucking on it fervently, causing the plump senior to groan with obvious pleasure, while driving Britt into a state of sexual delirium. Anna pulled away from the big breast just long enough to ask, "Are you wet, dear, do you want me to suck your vagina for you!?!" Now panting loudly, Britt just nodded her head yes, and spread her legs wide apart, waiting for her teacher to put her mouth on her now trembling sex organs!

Still a little embarrassed at her size, Britt gingerly spread her hefty thighs, and with them spread wide apart and her skirt hiked up around her waist, the hot mouthed teacher pressed mouth against the panty covered pussy while a line of moisture was easily visible through the nylon fabric, a sure indicator that Britt was highly aroused and in dire need of an orgasm!

The mere pressure of her mouth on Britt’s crotch was enough to make the young girl moan and beg Anna to pull her panties aside and eat her dripping snatch, but before she did that Anna asked sweetly, "What do you call it, dear, vagina, pussy, cunt, crack, what do you call it, tell me!?!" Britt gasped at the thought of Anna’s mouth being only inches from her crotch, and answered in a shaky voice, "I call it my pussy or cunt, I use both, now suck me, please!!!" Anna took her finger and slipped it inside the slick panty crotch and pulled it aside exposing a hairy nest of blonde pubic fur and hummed, "Mmmmmm, you are just dripping, girl, just dripping," and a second later her tongue snaked out and caressed the erect little clit, causing her cunt to convulse uncontrollably, while Miss Ames, a true bisexual, never in her whole life had she tasted a pussy as sweet as Brittany’s!!! She absolutely reveled in the taste and aroma of the big fat box, and was pleasantly surprised to see Britt sucking on one of her own nipples while she worked her tongue in and out of her little fuck hole! When she couldn't hold back any longer, Britt’s vaginal walls collapsed and the engorged organ was racked with a devastatingly hard climax, one that seemed to go on for ever, like riding the crest of a huge wave across the ocean, just endless!!!

Quickly getting to her feet, Miss Ames looked at the clock on the wall and could see that her next appointment was only five minutes away, so she hurriedly pulled down her panties and jerked up her skirt, while exposing her hairy pussy to Britt's wide eyes! "Okay," she said sternly, "we don't have much time, eat it fast and hard, I gotta cum really bad!!!" "I've never eaten a pussy before," Britt stammered, "how should I...." Anna, not waiting to hear Britt’s mewling excuses, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth directly to her wide open slit, and intoned harshly, "Now eat it, you fat cunt, do me right now!!!" Still a little stunned, the 18 year old gingerly licked Anna's outer lips, but that wasn't at all she had in mind, because she forcibly held the plump senior’s mouth over her now straining clitoris until she had a climax that left her shaking a numb from its brutal intensity!!!

As they hurriedly dressed Britt offered, “I was afraid that you would be put off by my weight!!! Miss Ames gently caressed the young girl’s fat ass and replied with a wink, “The wider the tire, the smoother the ride, isn’t that right!?!” “Right,” a smiling Britt replied, “you are so right!!!”

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Cindy looked in the mirror and after staring at her out sized form for several seconds, broke down in tears as her rolls of fat began shaking gently in time with her sobs!!! While she wasn’t really tall, she packed a very hefty two hundred fifty five pounds on her large boned frame, and as she sobbed away, her huge breasts, that hung nearly to her waist jiggled back and forth as the tears rolled down her cheeks all the way down to her nipples!!! It had be so long since she’d had a man that she once joked to herself that she wondered what a cock even looked like or whether man had evolved into something else!!! Well, maybe it hadn’t been long enough to have had evolution take over, but it had been at least three years since she’d even had a date, so as she had just turned thirty five, she was just reaching her sexual apex with no prospects for finding a partner in sight!!!

She was just about to hop in the shower when the front doorbell rang, and after hesitating on whether to answer it or not, she finally threw on a robe and headed down the stairs to answer it!!! As the large door swung open she was greeted by a pleasant looking young man who must have been in his early twenties who fairly stammered, “A-are you the lady of the house!?!” “Yes, yes,” she replied impatiently, “what is it, I’m really in a hurry!?!” She could sense immediately that he was very uncomfortable, and her demeanor softened somewhat as he stumbled on, “Well uh, you see, I represent the Acme Lingerie Company, and we have the finest line of fine lingerie made in America today, and if I could just take a minute of your time I’m sure that it will be time well spent!!!” After giving him another once over she asked gently, “Isn’t this really a job for a woman, I mean this is kind of a personal type item you’re selling!?!” “That’s true,” he quickly replied, “but there weren’t enough women to fill all the positions available, and since I couldn’t find another job of any kind, well, you get the picture!!!” “Knowing that the chances of him having anything even resembling something in her size was remote, she took pity on the young man and asked him in!!!

They both sat down on the sofa, and immediately he went into his spiel about the wonderful qualities of his product when Cindy interrupted him and asked, “Since we’re going to be together for a few minutes, how about giving me your name, my name’s Cindy!?!” “Oh my,” he replied slightly red faced, “my name’s Zak, Zak Richmond!!!” Cindy stuck her hand out and offered easily, “Well it’s nice to meet you Zak, now as you were saying………….” “Uh, yeah,” he went on, “Acme Lingerie is the best in the world, and just to show you what I mean, take a look at this!!!” Cindy sat there a little bit bemused as Zak pulled out a tiny pair of bikini panties as he extolled the virtues of his product!!! After he was finished he asked, “So, what do you think, aren’t these just about the best made and most attractive panties you’ve ever seen in your life, I mean they have quality written all over them!?!” Cindy took the panties from Zak’s hand, and after feeling the smoothness of the material replied gently, “They’re very nice, Zak, but I’m afraid we have a little problem here!!!” “What’s that,” he asked, “they come in all the popular colors!?!” “It’s not the color,” she replied, “it’s the size, and if you haven’t noticed, I’m a pretty big girl, and for me to get into something this small would be impossible, I’m sorry, but that’s just that way it is!!!”

Zak eyed the doe eyed woman seated next to him, and she was right, she was a rather large person, but not to be deterred he offered, “I’m sure that I have something that is your size, just let me check my stock!!!” He rummaged around inside of his case for a minute, and after pulling out the largest pair of panties he could find, he handed to them to her hopefully and asked, “Do you think these might do the trick!?!” “Zak,” she said softly, “I don’t think so, but just to prove it to you, I’ll give them a try,” and then with his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, she calmly stood up and slipped off her bathrobe, revealing an expanse of flesh that nearly took his breath away!!! She took the black pair of oversized bikinis from his shaking hand, and with a great deal of difficulty tried tugging them up over her ample thighs, until when they were finally in place, they almost looked like a thong on her fat jiggling ass!!! “See,” she said softly, “they’re way too small, what did I tell you!?!” Zak just sat there with the sweat popping out all over his forehead, and while his mouth was moving, no sound was coming out!!! Sensing that she had him in her thrall, Cindy stepped directly in front of the stunned young man, and after gently taking his head in her pudgy arms, she pulled him into the two giant pillows that were her breasts, and with a slight cooing sound induced him to suckle at one of her big hard nipples!!!

“Oh, baby,” she said with a sigh, “mmmm, yes, do mama’s nipple for her, suck it harder, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy that’s nice!!!” Zak was still in a state of complete shock at the surrealistic turn on events, because never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that he would have bee so aroused by a woman who could only be described as fat!!! But incredibly, here he was nursing at the biggest and fattest tits he had ever seen, and the harder he sucked, the harder he got!!! For Cindy on the other hand, it was a case of just relishing the sensation of being close to a man again, and even if he was just a pup, what he lacked in technique he made up for it in spades with enthusiasm!!! Her huge hair covered pussy was now literally gushing, and even though she was turned on to the max, she could still feel a little rivulet of cunt juice running down the inside of her thick thigh!!! Zak couldn’t get enough of the big nipple, but reluctantly he released it from his lips as she pushed him down onto his back, and with eyes as big as saucers, watched in awe as she lowered her magnificent hairpie onto his gaping mouth!!!

At first a stab of terror rushed through him, as he was certain that he would be smothered to death between Cindy’s fat thighs, but as luck would have it, his nose was just exposed enough to allow for easy breathing, so with total abandon, his tongue slithered up and down her wide open crack until it came to rest upon her unbelievably ripe clit, whereupon he bored in on it viciously until she was cumming like the bitch in heat that she was!!! Cupping her huge chest and pulling a hot nipple to her mouth, she ground her pussy into Zak’s mouth while nipping and sucking on her oversized nub as the most incredible orgasm he had ever had waylaid into her cunt like a hurricane hitting land!!! With all of her strength having been sapped from her body, she slumped over and landed on her back wit her legs spread wide apart, and while she was most definitely out of it, he was hard as a rock and ready to go, so as she lay there trying to recover from her gut wrenching orgasm, he was almost frantically ripping off his trousers while taking his place between her thighs!!!

Through her sexually induced fog she realized that he was going to fuck her, but she was still so far gone that she just smiled contentedly and let him have his way with her!!! He ran his dick head up and down the length of her gaping cunt, and after having slipped the head inside of her, he grabbed her by her ample hips, and when he was all set and ready to go, lunged forward, driving his manhood balls deep inside of the burning cauldron that was her pussy, inducing her to climax once again even before he had the chance to make another stroke!!! She began mewling like an injured puppy as he rammed in and out of her with ruthless abandon, and as climax after climax raged through her, his own orgasm was building inside of his nut sack, and as he passed the point of no return, his blue steel pecker spamsed hard several times before spewing out load after load of cum, deep inside of her well fucked pussy!!! Now they were both shot, totally and completely spent from the marathon fuck session they had just completed, and in their state of sexual euphoria, Zak collapsed on top of the hot pussied plumper and fell fast asleep with a fat nipple in his mouth!!!

Hours later when he opened his eyes, he could still feel the rhythmic breathing of the still sleeping Cindy beneath, and quietly as a mouse, he slipped off of her and got dressed!!! When he was finally all packed up and ready to go, he scribbled a thank you note on a piece of paper with a promise, “………and I’ll check and see if we carry any of the larger sizes, and even if we don’t, I’ll be back to tomorrow for a another session, Zak!!!”

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